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Castings for 2" Fowler Z7S Castings for a pair of 2" Fowler Z7S Ploughing Engines

Most of the castings and a large lot of other parts to make a pair of 2" Fowler Z7S Ploughing Engines. Includes an steel boiler with smokebox and chimney, three more smokeboxes, four front axles, three cylinder block and numerous other castings.
3" Fowler A7 Nearly Complete, Photos to follow soon3" Fowler A7

This engine is nearly complete, only the cladding, some minor pipe work and painting required to make an exceptional engine
7 1/4" Gauge Caledonia Engine7 1/4" Gauge Caledonia part built with CE marked copper boiler.

Includes a works drawing and some articles for the 5" version from Model Engineer
GBP 3,000 ono

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